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I inherited my Curta from the relative who was also my boss. He was the Complex Supervisor at a neighborhood Aircraft Enterprise and I used to be a young Anxiety Analyst. He purchased the Curta in the early sixties just in advance of he died, so it has had Substantially little use. It appears to in mint ailment. and I also have The 2 instruction booklets. I intend to offer it and have been presented £250 to £three hundred by a collector, but Is that this a reasonable supply?

I'm the "new" owner of SN 539434 (Curta variety II). I procured it on June 16, 2006. The unit remains to be in outstanding situation, without any noticeable indications of wear that happen to be worthy of Notice. The device was ordered with the initial plastic case (in Excellent issue) and documentation (reasonable/superior issue for entrepreneurs manual and sample calculations handbook).

When it had been originally offered to me by my father-in-legislation I believed it would be some kind of census system or architect's tool.

My Curta is a gift from my father. He employed it (or his navigators applied it) for a few years during the early days of street rallies. A lot of the rallies he competes in now enable using present day, computerized gear. Once in a while, I contend in road rallies (the Push On Irrespective Rally, especially) which have a category for Classic vehicles and equipment. In addition to a Halda odometer, the Curta suits the vintage equipment need perfectly. I am able to remember Once i was about seven or 8 yrs outdated - in the mid 60s, 'playing' Using the Curta at our kitchen area table.

Without having a clue, with no appreciation for Form I or II designation, with no inkling regarding what a Curta even was, I'd read through, yrs ago, relating to this little one of the scion of the most advanced mechanical, electrical calculator business in 1930's Germany investing the War in Buchenwald, creating what was to become the penultimate handheld mechanical calculating machine ever designed. In the final many years, I'd, on occassion, drifted past a search for just one of these wondrous machines on the net. Finally, on the whim, on a late night, I Solid fate to a fickle wind and Forged a ballot. I gained. My prize, for what I believed had been an extravagant amount of money, was an excellent Curta I serial number 27767. I've considering the fact that occur to understand the luck of that wonderful attract. As I now Have got a tendancy to monitor Curta I choices on the Internet, I've occur to comprehend I came into this wonderful piece that has a divine fortune, one I'd never imagined myself able to. A current listing showcased a Curta I 32312 using a damaged obvious ring, four times remaining with bids by now climbing previous my procurement. I felt compelled to send the vendor this, knowing It might be posted While using the product, and hoping it'd be examine: "In order to apparent the right way, the magnitude carriage ring Needs to be distended in order to avoid placing undue strain upon the clearing ring. An ignorant avoidance of this simple course of action is probably the biggest misuse from the Curta I.

I discovered it in 1989, with It truly is metallic case, in the carboard destinated to rubbish, although we had been shifting our Business from Paris to Versailles.

I inherited the calculator from my grandfather, the original proprietor, who was a chemist. I utilised it some during faculty yrs earning a BA - Physics. In 1963 - 1965 I used to be utilized at Jet Propulsion Labs testing an instrument for the main unmanned Area flight to Mars. It bought some use then. Later on I utilised it although earning an MBA. Subsequently I simply just savored the enjoyment of a hand-held unit of this sort of remarkable precision.

CURTA: Haven't got just one, I am ready to buy 1 if It is really an inexpensive selling price I'm able to pay for Tale: I labored at Burroughs in my house town, Caracas, Venezuelas while in the early 60's and also a salesman offered me just one, I had it in my desk for a number of days but didn't have the money to buy it and returned it, in no way have forgiven myself for this. Richard D. Boltuck

I am the operator of two things, both Curta kind II, each with The everyday black metallic box. SN # 515316 - company website This a single is a quite great problem and very effectively performing SN# 515907 - This just one is in very good affliction two, nevertheless it misses the take care of (sincerely I usually do not understand how This could certainly occurred !). I might respect to locate a spare element, or to market the equipment in this condition to someone acquiring the spare areas. I am sixty three And through my scholarship to be and engineer in topography, we at first (say many years 1963 & '1964) were proceeding calculations by means of "logarithm tables", say "by hand", with the assistance of the Pascal's sort of mechanical calculator (Remington) to sum and interpolate logarithms.

I found your handle from the Curta Web site. Many thanks for all the data to the Curta history, and the way to work out the age. I've a Curta I, #44423, with case and manuals. The machine is like new, and operates as new, nevertheless the textbooks are somewhat dog-eared. This device was employed by the physician answerable for the Institute of Anatomy (Dr Hipsley from memory). This institution (prolonged due to the fact disbanded) was Section of the Australian Department of Wellness, in which I worked for a few years as machines officer.

with plastic case---Superb ailment I purchased this unit in about 1968-69 from Mr. Gary Hays--I sold a kind I concurrently. Utilized for TSD rally operate for many years---now I just get pleasure from having it. It was and is also a marvelous device--a mark of excellent engineering and workmanship.

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I have purchased my initial Curta on the web (from an exceptionally good American individual - Harry Oman) its case is in pretty good condition and it and will work definitely wonderful. No scratches or dress in, except for miniscule dress in at top rated edge of case. No harm or repairs. Amazing issue. From an MSU professor's estate.

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